Our site 100bizz.com was created to implement your ideas.

Our project 100bizz.com was created to help people and entrepreneurs !!!

Achievement of the set goals
- Financing ideas and supporting people and investors. Grow as a person, entrepreneur, ideologist. Create teams, launch business and social projects, find like-minded people, meet interesting people, develop the entrepreneurial sphere in Ukraine and the world.

For this we have:
- Children's startup. Children can come up with ideas and implement them. And it's not pointless to sit on the phones;
- Startup for any age;
- Crowdfunding. Register projects. Collect money with the help of donors.
- Franchises. Scale your business.
- Distribution. Find a representative in every city and every country in the world;
- Business sale. List your business. Buy and invest profitably with us.
Our portal is useful to everyone: an investor, a businessman, a young entrepreneur, a child. Here everyone will find what he is looking for.

The project is designed to inspire young people to study, develop, live in Ukraine and help others.

Our team:
Project founder and investor man - Evgeny Alexandrovich
Co-founder and heart of the project - Anna Vitalievna
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