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Offer a franchise, Planet-Shop
  • Offer a franchise, Planet-Shop
  • Company that operates primarily in the field of internet commerce. We are engaged in the sale of youth and children's clothing and footwear. We work directly with factories / manufacturers. On the Ukrainian market since 2013. For 8 years of operation of the online store, more than 150,000 orders have been processed and delivered!
    - Our offer:
    We have developed a system thanks to which absolutely everyone can launch their own online store of youth or children's clothing and footwear and earn from $ 1000 per month. We offer you to reach a new level, and the fact that you don’t understand anything in Internet commerce is not a problem.
    The Planet-Shop company invites absolutely everyone to cooperate to develop their own business, to become a part of the trend business team. You can open an online store from anywhere in the world and in a month you will hear satisfied reviews from the first customers. The high quality of our services and time-tested products. Continuous development and improvement of the company. For our part, we guarantee support and favorable terms of cooperation.
    Working with Planet-Shop you get:
    1. Ready-to-use online store on a professional platform
    2. Educational materials (video tutorials)
    3. Customized advertising campaigns on the most effective platforms!
    4. Communities in social. networks adapted for an online store, which will be promoted by our specialists on a daily basis!
    5. Technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    6. Step-by-step instructions and advice on the development and promotion of your online store.
    7. Personal Plan for conducting marketing campaigns and promotional materials for the whole year
    8. Training in new advertising technologies that appear on the
    9. Technical support
    (0 800) 33-10-26
  • 1,700 $
Sell Franchise, Doner house
  • Sell Franchise, Doner house
  • Our advantages:
    Our own outdoor advertising teams, as well as renovation and interior design teams.
    Equipment supply partners
    A fixed amount for starting a point.
    We do not take hidden commissions and payments.
    Database of realtors and brokers in Ukraine.
    Delivery time of the object is on average up to 30 days.
    Saving on opening with our help up to $ 7000 for one object.
    We work all over Ukraine.
    YouTube: Misha Fast Food
    093 980 3661
  • 8,500 $
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