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Where to sell your business? How quickly, without hassle, to place and sell a business? is the most convenient platform for placing a business throughout Ukraine.
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Your business is worth exactly as much as it is offered for it.

And then many begin to remember how much money they have invested in this business: equipment, advertising, promotion. It doesn't make sense. Since there is such a rule - past money does not exist. And the second moment you have already recouped part of this money, since you have already made a profit from this business.

Before you put your business up for sale, decide what is the reason for selling your business?

- Economic. Perhaps the business has become unprofitable.
- Emotional. You are tired of doing business.
- Wear. It is necessary to restore production in order to return to the level of income that was before.
And also analyze the market segment for your business. For what they sell a business like yours. Based on this, it is easier to add up the price.
There are several options for selling a business:
- With the help of a broker. They will do everything for you. Their commission is from 3 to 6% of the transaction amount.
- Self-sale.
In this case, first look at your business through the eyes of a buyer. What will he get with his money.
Having set the price higher than the market price, you can sit for years waiting for your buyer. You can get cheap.

How to get the right price for a business? There are three approaches:
Comparative. Monitor similar companies in the sales market.
Expensive. Asset less liability.
Profitable. A forecast of profitability and income for the future period is made.

The objective price is compiled. What's next?
Next, you need to prepare a presentation. Key points. History, stages of development, as well as possible prospects and trends in the market.
The more complex a business is, the more important its beautiful packaging is. Most investors consider it according to the principle: It doesn't matter what! The main thing is profitable! Therefore, try to make an offer to investors as beautifully as possible.
Everything secret always becomes a reality, and at the most inopportune moment. Therefore, prepare the documents for the sale. And pay attention to the factors that should be open to your potential buyer:
- Legal field of the company;
- Lack of arrests;
- The company is not pledged by third parties;
- Checking the number of co-founders;
- The premises must have documents, and the equipment is owned;
- Availability of licenses and permits;
- There are no outstanding contracts for which there may be fines;
- There are no debts to suppliers and employees.

There are two circles of potential buyers:
1. Circle among friends. Friends, acquaintances, relatives;
2. The whole world. This is where the platform for placing and quickly selling a business - - will help you. We have a quick registration. Convenient addition of sentences. Many people who are interested in the business and development niche will see you!
You must be prepared that the business can be viewed at the meeting:
- Agent. Thus, he will get to know you and offer you his sales services;
- Dreamer. A person who does not have the required amount, but he wants to see.
- Uncertain. He wants to buy a business with minimal time costs. Quickly goes to a deal, but just as quickly can refuse it;
- Real buyer. Understands what we are talking about. There is experience. He thoroughly examines all the offers on the market before making his choice.
How to understand which of the above people is standing in front of you? You need to ask these questions:
- What kind of business is a person looking for?
- What is his experience?
- How quickly can he make a decision?
- Does he have the entire amount for the purchase? And is there any credit money.
Several rules for communicating with a client:
- Be positive and open;
- Acquaintance with contractors;
- Do not bargain at the first meeting! The client may have two thoughts. The first, if immediately gives way, something is not clean here. He wants to get rid of the business faster. The second, if bent, means it will yield even more;
- Do not say what you are not sure of. Don't promise mountains of gold. Speak as is. our team is working for you!
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