Children’s startup

A child start-up abroad is very common. Children can prove themselves, earn money for their studies and much more thanks to their talents.

How can your child become rich when he grows up?
Are you deceiving yourself that your child will become successful by entering a prestigious university? And there he will be taught how to become rich, to achieve his goals?

Few are involved in teaching their children financial literacy. Most parents think that the child will become successful, and it will happen by itself. Parents believe that the knowledge they are given at school will help their children become successful. But, only you can guide the child in the right direction by seeing his potential.
You need to take care of children as early as possible! Children, like adults, can have good business ideas, social projects. Children have a rich imagination that is not directed anywhere. Unfortunately, there are practically no playgrounds in Ukraine where children can try to implement their ideas, not to mention business development for children.

Our portal gives children the opportunity to develop, gives them a chance to make their dreams and aspirations come true.

Having given children the opportunity to realize themselves, they simply will not have time to uselessly sit on the phone, on the Internet. They will come up with ideas, find like-minded people, investors and develop a businessman in themselves since school years.
Our site gives this opportunity! Thanks to, children will have a desire to study, work, build a business in Ukraine. Instead of thinking about what you need to learn and go abroad to work. Work on yourself, on your ideas since childhood!

There are many examples of successful children who have become millionaires.

Sean Belnick, a teenager with a capital of $ 600, created his own website for the sale of furniture. Having reached the age of 20, his capital was $ 24 million.
Another creative example is a young man, Milun Tesovic, came up with the idea of ​​creating a website that will publish the lyrics of all popular songs. The site became very popular, and thanks to the placement of advertisements on this site, the young man became a millionaire.
Therefore, dear parents, if your child wants to earn money, make his dream come true, support him. After all, something can come out of this idea.
A startup (from the English 'start-up') in its own words is the start of an idea, a start of a business. In which a unique idea is required.
And children are a generator of unique ideas!
Our portal was created to help you achieve your goals, ideas and ideas!
There are professions that will not give you the opportunity to take your family to the sea several times a year, and will not provide for their elderly parents. It is very important to hear the dreams of the child. But will you like a job if you can't provide yourself a normal life there? Children should understand that if he wants to be a firefighter or a teacher, then he will not make a lot of money. But he himself must decide this. It is better to make money with pleasure.
The right startup can help define a profession and provide a prosperous life for a young businessman. In a startup, children work on one idea, a team. They put all their intelligence, talent and passion into it. In any case, be it a successful project, or not successful the first time. But this is a huge experience and movement towards the goal!

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