What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding - this is the collective financing of people, which is also called donation. Donors support interesting ideas of people in which they see their benefit or just interest. Funds can be collected for various purposes: startups, victim assistance, political companies. Investors are called backers. The creator of the project is called Founder. The directions can be different: business, culture, ecology.

Crowdfunding is divided into several steps:

- The goal of the project is formulated. Depending on the purpose, the type of crowdfunding is determined.
- Choosing a method of financing. If you need money for a while, they can lend it to you with the help of Crowdlanding. This option is suitable if you already have a business.
If you have a new project in which you need cash injections, and you are ready to give part of the company's securities for this, then Crowdinvesting is suitable for you.
- Selecting a site for project placement. In order not to get caught by scammers, you need to carefully check the portal with which you will cooperate.

Pay attention to whether there is a prerequisite for investing at the initial stage yourself, or asking for investments from friends. This is the so-called start. Sometimes, having invested your money without collecting the full amount or hitting on scammers, you will not return your money.
It is worth paying attention to when the site was created, what kind of feedback about it from people who posted their projects on it.
On our site you can watch the stages of project development. Having compared the terms of cooperation with other sites, you will definitely decide to stay on the site, because everything is SIMPLE here! Simple registration, easy project addition, quick placement help and feedback.

To publish a project you need:

- Describe your project. The goal, what issues of society can your project solve, how many financial investments are needed in your project, and what they will go to.
- Prepare a video message to backers, in which you will briefly tell about your project and ask for help;
- Prepare rewards. Every backer wants something valuable in return.
- Think over a warning system for as many people as possible. This can be social networks, a social circle that supports your ideas and aspirations. It will also be good to be advertised by bloggers followed by a lot of people.
Unfortunately, crowdfunding is not as developed in Ukraine as abroad. In America, huge sums of money are collected for political campaigns with the help of donors. A pretty good example would be Barack Obama's fundraising. He raised approximately $ 270 million. There is something to think about!
Our platform was created to support people who have good ideas! People who are moving towards success and achieving goals! inspires young people to stay in Ukraine and build their business here! There are many hard-working and talented people in our country! We help people who want to develop, change themselves and the country. The modern world is a team game! Moving forward is easier with a team. Investors are found on our site.
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