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A franchise is a commercial concession agreement.

If we talk about a franchise in our own words, then a trademark is far from obligatory. There are different business models (online service, business support, some technology where there is no brand at all), or the brand is of the least importance. Much more important is the software and the license for it.

There are also companies in which such names, in principle, cannot be registered. There are names that belong to everyone.
There are projects such as White Labels, when a company comes up with a brand itself. And the technology of doing business is transferred to a person.
The subject of a franchise is not a title, but a technology.
Lawyers say that a franchise is a commercial concession agreement, and everything else has no legal force.
This is an erroneous opinion, but it is beneficial to the lawyers themselves. Because for the preparation of contracts, they earn very serious money. In fact, the treaty itself is of great importance. It can be: dealership agreement, business partnership agreement, license agreement, commercial concession, and other forms of agreement. The most important thing is what is inside this contract, what conditions are prescribed there, what business processes, materials, services are transferred, and so on. This is important, what is the name of this agreement. It is also very important which company sells its franchise. It is important that the company is willing to pass on its expertise to others in the franchise. It is important what is in the contract and what is inside the company itself.

Nowadays there are companies that pack franchises.

They beautifully pack companies that have not yet matured to franchising. These are beautiful presentations, landing pages, contracts, a description of a gorgeous payback and reviews.
Therefore, you need to be very careful when purchasing a franchise.

How not to get caught up in a franchise? And what should this company have?

1. They must have their own business. That is, the business that they are selling under the franchise must be their own. Let's say they have a candy store. And it is better if there are two or three of these stores, where they have already worked out this model.
2. Cases and pilot launches of a franchise store. That is, you don't have to be the first to sell this franchise. It is better not to be guided by the recorded videos, but to call partners who are already working on this model. Chat with them.
3. Availability of managers, curators. Who will supervise the partner for the opening, launch of the project. Check in advance about support and after the launch. Because there are many questions.
4. Pay attention to the contract. Any contract is legally binding if it is correctly executed. If there is a company there that has a history. Checking the company is also a must. So that she has momentum, reviews. The contract must indicate everything that is written according to the terms on the site or in the presentation. That they will help you. What is it.
5. Promotion program. Ask questions: how the product should be promoted, what sources are used, what marketing support is there.
6. Citation and visibility of the company. Collect all information about them on the Internet.
7. Transparent system of cooperation. You need to understand how the company is going to interact with you further, and how it will make money. This is important in order to understand how interesting it will be for them to continue working with you. Not just to sell a franchise one-time, but to continue mutually beneficial cooperation. You must understand for yourself that the company will not just sell you a one-time franchise and that will be the end of it.
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