Investing money

Often people ask the question: "If I have a small amount of money, how best to invest it and where?"

If you have money at home, in an account or in a safe, then it becomes cheaper. Since there is inflation in the world. And it will always be. Let's say you have 1000 dollars and she lay at home for a year. In a year, its purchasing power will drop by about 4%.

What to do to make money bring income?

- Everyone loves passive income. One of the most common incomes is real estate. It can bring you 4-8%. Let's say this year inflation is 4%, and renting has brought you 8%. Consider that you have earned 4%.
- You have to be very careful with bank deposits. Today, in terms of currency, a bank deposit is 2-3%, and if in a Western bank, a European one can be 0%. But there may be a reverse%, because the bank, for the safety of your money, may demand from you about 0.5%. Therefore, if the bank gives you 2%, and inflation is 4%, then unfortunately, you have lost 2%.
- Bonds are usually issued by government agencies. The country wants to borrow money, places bonds, for example, at 6-8%. If you buy bonds, then this is a fairly reliable return of 6-8%. The bonds themselves, in different conditions, may have a discount. If the issuer is admissible, the country or city has difficulties, then the bonds may fall. And if you buy bonds, then you can earn on the value of the bond, if it grows and on the interest that the bond gives you. This is a pretty solid investment. True, it also brings no more than 8% per annum.
There is also a market and bonds issued by private companies. Most likely more profitable, but more risky. If the company is doing well and growing, then your bonds are pretty safe. Accordingly, if the company is not doing very well, then your bonds may theoretically not be liquid.

- Stock. Many people like promotions. But they also have great risks. That is, when you buy shares, you buy a part of the company. If the company develops, then the shares go up. If things are bad, then stocks fall.
Therefore, people are encouraged to take a portfolio of stocks. Different companies: medical, IT, etc. , and look at their growth over time. You can make money on it. And also some companies pay dividends. This does not always happen, because, as a rule, companies make money and invest in their development. But if they invest in their development, then the shares are growing and when selling you can earn more.
- Cryptocurrency. You can make money quickly, but just as quickly you can lose. Investing in cryptocurrency is not recommended for more than 5% of your savings.
- Banking metals: gold, platinum, silver. Gold is always growing, though not fast and not much. But little more than inflation in the world.
Investments make sense if you have free 3000-5000 dollars, since you will have to make one-time costs:
- open a brokerage account;
- pay the broker's commission. It is not possible to do this directly. This can be done through a financial campaign, through a bank.

And of course, if you only have $ 1000, then you don't need to invest in stocks or bitcoin. You need to look for work and accumulate capital. It is good to invest in yourself, in your education, to keep up with the times. With knowledge, it will be easier for you to make money in any situation. And if you are lucky, and your investment portfolio grows very quickly, this is good. But if you are unlucky and he falls, you must be ready for this too. You yourself are a value, if you are constantly developing, learning, and moving forward - you will definitely achieve success.
Be very careful, where you are promised income of 12-15%, as a rule, these are not real incomes. And there are a lot of scammers working there.
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