Business mistakes

Business from scratch

How to let money into your life.

You can be a good specialist, but you are stubborn in your career, you feel that you are missing something. If it seems to a person that it is time to change something, then it does not seem to him.

There are factors that, on the contrary, show that you do not need to go into business yet.
This is for example: someone says to you, “you should go into your own business,” and you think, yes, you probably need to. In that case, you definitely don't need it. External motivation pushes a person to do something, but he is not able to overcome difficulties in this state. He must come to the conclusion that he wants to change something, and not sit on the couch.
It is best to start a business in the aura of an entrepreneur, so to speak, next to him. Thus, you can increase your observation. See how he does it, help as you can, delve into it.
You need to develop and increase what you already have. What do you know. Start doing a completely new business in which you know nothing. There is a huge chance that you will burn out.
The hard law in business is no loans or borrowings. You need to count on what you have.
You can consider a loan or a loan only when you have a business model tested for such a characteristic that when you add a hryvnia there, it brings two.
You can attract investment, but at the stage when you have a business model. Venture investments are super mega risky, they are rarely given. You can hardly count on them.

People are divided into three categories:

- 80% of people don't think about starting a business. These people are sitting at home, watching TV;
- 17% are those who want to start a business. Think about it, look for opportunities;
- 3% are people who are already entrepreneurs.

Anti-trends in business

1. Save 10% for a rainy day; (they need and can be put off by people who are among 80%)
For people who are in business, saving money for a rainy day is pointless. They need to be invested in your business. Money that doesn't work has no value;
2. Visualization of money. Money will not appear and will not fall on you. A businessman respects all money. If you want to make money, get off the couch. Learn. Put your knowledge into practice. Start your own business.
3. Strict rules for keeping money. That is, everything should be without fanaticism. Money needs to be respected, but it doesn't have to be in the same order, pennies to pennies, dollars to dollars;
4. Life on credit. Try not to take out a loan or give it. You need to give an amount that is not hard to lose. It's easier to blame it on friendship.
5. Investments in cryptocurrencies. It's like playing a casino. Ultimately, someone will surely lose. But it shouldn't be you.

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