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Support a social project, Stories about the cultural and historical heritage of Vinnytsia
  • Support a social project, Stories about the cultural and historical heritage of Vinnytsia
  • As a result of the implementation of the project, residents of the region will be better aware of the historical value of cultural sites, their current state, causes of destruction, as well as the role of local authorities and commercial developers.

    The public outcry will force local authorities to pay more attention to the preservation of monuments. Journalistic stories will form the basis for advocacy efforts to save historic monuments.

    Journalists from the Vinnitsa Agency for Investigative Journalism and the 20 Minutes website have been dealing with the topic of preserving cultural and historical heritage for many years - dozens of articles have been published, an anti-corruption tour of the historic center of Vinnitsa has been conducted, including objects from the list of monuments that are not subject to privatization, applications have been filed with the police on the destruction and damage of monuments.
    Sources of financing:

    The idea of ​​creating a series of multimedia materials about cultural heritage monuments not subject to privatization in Moscow was selected for partnership in the media crowdfunding competition.

    According to the terms of the competition, in order to receive additional funding from the Vozrozhdenie Foundation, we must raise UAH 50,000 through crowdfunding. In case of successful fundraising, the International Renaissance Foundation will be able to finance the project in the amount of up to UAH 50,000.
    The author of the project is Anastasia Demyanchuk Vinnytsia
  • 1,900 $
Social project, Project "Mitsi nadii"
  • Social project, Project "Mitsi nadii"
  • В рамках совместного проекта с ОО "Инклюзивные студии" состоится серия культурных мероприятий и мастер-классов по рисованию, лепке, графики с привлечением известных украинских художников как Галина Ивашков, Елена Бурдаш, Наталья Кумановская, Николай Молчан. Приобщившись к данным событиям, дети смогут коммуницировать друг с другом, развить эстетическое мышление, позволит окунуться в чудесную атмосферу живописи и положительных эмоций.
  • 3,700 $
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