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50,000 $
ID Number
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Looking for partners
Name of the project, business
Idea the project
Ukrainian Goods Export Fair
Description and benefits of the project, business
To unite Ukrainian producers on one platform to enter international markets for the export of goods and services to other countries, which will ultimately give the internal development of the business and economy of Ukraine, as well as an easier launch of new Startups and other types of business.
Field of activity
IT Technologies and Internet
Kind of activit
Internet platform
Market segment
  • B2С — «business to consumer»
  • B2B — «business to business»
  • B2G — «business to government»
  • C2С — «consumer to consumer»
Offer type
  • Goods
  • Services
Stage of the project
Initial stage
Indicators of project, business
  • Ready business plan
  • There are financial partners
  • There is a team
  • Ready prototype or product
  • There are first sales
  • Active site
  • Equipment purchased
  • Advertising launched
  • Invested your money
Kyiv City
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Additional information
Experience in similar projects
We constantly launch similar projects
Existing competitors
Китайские Маркетплейсы
B2B - Алибаба-ком
B2C - Алиекспрес
Сompetitive edge
  • Safety and reliability
  • Ease of use
  • Convenient location
  • Fast shipping
  • Base of working clients
Offer to the investor
Share of sales, %
Use of investments
Investments will go to advertising and product development in Europe
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