Startup mistakes

Mistakes that beginner startups make.

1. A startup starts out with a fanatical idea from the founder of the startup. He gives birth to this idea, but it is not yet accepted by the market. This kind of service or product will not take root on the market. But the owner, intoxicated by this idea, begins to try to rock this business. Before starting a startup, it is VERY IMPORTANT to understand who your target audience is! Make sure that there is a lot of this target audience! Before launching your idea, it is very important to do a test check.

Try to sell a product idea or the product itself without incurring large launch costs. Sell ​​it virtually.
The easiest way, if you plan to promote on the Internet, you need to create a page. It may not bear your name (if you are afraid of risks). By creating this landing page, you start directing traffic there. And you start receiving applications from people. You are targeting advertising, in search networks, social networks, and accordingly, you receive traffic. If you guessed right with the product, you get a conversion, and at the same time you have not taken any risk yet. No office, no employees, no big expenses. But you are already getting a response from the market. You can contact people and honestly say that you are interested in how much they like it and how much they are willing to buy. We are still testing this hypothesis. You have just entered the test period.

For example, an option, you offer some kind of service for a restaurant. You can come and meet the leader live, ask him questions of interest.
A very important first principle is to talk to your target audience!
2. A good startup is a hungry startup. A lean startup will be much more productive and better than a startup that has a lot of finance. Start a startup with minimal investment.

3. From the very first days, start building a strong team. Take on the team people who can easily be told that it does not suit you. Do not take your friends, relatives into the team. This is a notoriously weak team.
Once you have established yourself as a startup, your task is to constantly grow! Once you have found your target market, you have created a product, you are well-versed in marketing and sales tools. How it will work in your business so that you can drive sales. Today there are three of you in the team, seven in a month, thirty in a year. The stake on high growth dynamics is very important.
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